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Numbers Don’t Lie

Take a look and you’ll see that we’re a pretty impressive group, from the total dollar volume of design products we specify, to the number of awards and accolades, to press coverage.

But most significant is the depth of insight we have regarding the design industry and the intricacies of running success design businesses. It’s not just the sum of all our collective years in the design business, it’s that collective knowledge multiplied by each member.

Just think what you could do with access to decades of industry experience…

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Design Trust, Ltd. is my seasoned group of confidantes and I consult them regularly. We discuss issues critical to the success and growth of our firms and we are colleagues that have each other’s best interest at heart.

— Lorna Gross, Lorna Gross Interior Design, Bethesda, MD —


As chief executive officers of leading interior design firms, we are committed to creating a bond of trust between our members. Through close collaboration we share our wisdom, knowledge, and valuable business methodologies with the utmost confidentiality. Our intention is to elevate ourselves as professionals, and therefore the profession, as it evolves in a changing world.

Members Are:

• Designers that have successfully navigated our way through the profession of interior design, through experience, skill and expertise to own and build thriving businesses across the country.

• Business owners that strive to operate ethically and responsibly and uphold our reputation as the best our profession has to offer.

• Leaders that care about our employees and our communities, always learning and searching so that we may be trustworthy guides.

• People that appreciate and need the support and trust of our peers.

• Trusted partners with vendors that support our mission. We share our experience and insights to strengthen their position within the design community.

What We Do

We discuss the challenges, opportunities, and issues that design firms face every day in the areas of business development, human resources, client relations, entrepreneurship, legal and regulatory issues.

This takes place through member-only forums, through regular Hot Topics presentations, and usually, through our bi-annual conferences.

Member-to-member support is always available. Every member they can call upon each other when help is needed. The trust built into the DTL culture allows for this type of confidential, mutual support.


“Kravet Inc. and Design Trust, Ltd. have been working together since the group was established in 2015. For Kravet Inc. the members of Design Trust, Ltd. have been a sounding board for review, analysis, and insight into the design industry, as well as providing an honest and open forum for the debate of topics of mutual design interest.”

— Gary Searle, Kravet Inc.Vice President, Sales and Merchandising —