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The wealth of business and industry knowledge to be found in our Hot Topics archives is the equivalent of any design master class. DTL members have such a wide range of experiences, histories, and practicies that any coversation delivers multiple perspectives with meaningful insight.

— Susan Schultz, DTL Managing Director —

Hot Topics is the members-only forum where our organization’s focus on peer-to-peer sharing and support is demonstrated on a daily basis. Many of these discussions result in even more in-depth presentations, where members share detailed information on what’s worked for them, what hasn’t (and why not), in addition to specific resources, contacts, and more.

When important topics come up that demand more specialized information, DTL contacts experts for exclusive, members-only presentations, Q&A sessions, and consultations.

Because behind the scenes of any successful design business there are always the not-so-glamorous details that must be addressed.

Some of the latest issues our members have been discussing…

Recommendations from recruitment specialist plus an ingenious member-tested “speed-dating” approach.

A step-by-step review of a member’s malware attack and its aftermath. And, a presentation from cyber-security experts.

Members provided detailed information & resources on how they manage large installs, particularly for remote projects.

A month-long series of demos and Q&A sessions with the leading industry project management platforms.

A member panel discussion on recognizing red flags, negotiating conflicts, and suggestions for “break-up” letters.

This discussion is lead by an insurance agent with a background in the design industry, with on-point suggestions for effective coverage.

An on-going conversation about which vendors are actually delivering, projected delays, and more.

Because each member has a slightly different business structure, this comparison of how projects are handled and how responsibility is allocated, is always of interest.

Increasing material costs, extended lead times, product shortages, etc., have added new challenges, and design firm expenses, to every project.

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