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Design Trust

Being a part of this group has given me a fresh perspective on all parts of running a business successfully. There is uncompetitive support within the Trust from members who offer support, insight, and inspiration.

— Anita Dawson, Dawson Design Group, San Diego, CA —

Board of Directors


Corinne Brown, President


Mickey Bufalini, Treasurer


Margery Wedderburn, Secretary

Erin S_Headshot_LR

Erin Shakoor, Director-at-Large


Robert Kaner, Director-at-Large


Skip Sroka, Past President

Design Trust, Ltd. has my back. We turn to each other for ideas regarding business practices, client relations, and marketing without fear of judgement or indiscretion. Being part of this organization inspires and energizes me.

— Sherry Hayslip, Hayslip Design Associates , Dallas, TX—


Ageloff & Associates

A licensed architect, a certified interior designer, and the former Dean of NYSID, Scott is a leader in the integration of design and architecture.

Scott Ageloff

Baxter Design Group

Having lived and worked in South America and Europe, Debbie is adept at building profitable, collaborative environments that benefit all involved on a project.

Debbie Baxter

Britt Design Group

Laura is a leader in Sustainability and WELL Design, which her firm incorporates into its residential, multi-family, hospitality, and commercial projects.

Laura Britt

Brown Design Group

Based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Corinne has successfully worked remotely on client projects since founding her firm, making her exceptionally skilled in project management and logistics.

Corinne Brown

Studio Brunstrum

A background in advertising and marketing and gives Susan a unique perspective on client communications and building ongoing relationships within the industry.

Susan Brunstrum

Collaborative Design Group

Principal of a multi-location design firm, Mickey has developed a wide array of unique procedures to expedite projects quickly, accurately, and profitably.

Mickey Bufalini

Dawson Design Group

Anita successfully translated her previous career in the performing arts to build a portfolio of distinctive luxury homes designed for modern lives.

Anita Dawson

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates

Sarah combines a family history in antiques and a classical design education with a thoroughly contemporary understanding of the design industry.

Sarah Eilers

Megan Gorelick Interiors

Megan is a master of multi-generational homes, both new construction and redesigns. And she’s put together an in-house team that allows her to focus on design and client relations.

Megan Gorelick

Greiwe Interiors

Doug is the 4th generation of Greiwe's to head his firm, the oldest continuously family-owned design company in the U.S. His institutional knowledge of the design practice is an immeasurable asset.

Doug Greiwe

Lorna Gross Interior Design

Balancing meticulous execution with a keen ability to hone in clients’ needs are among the skills Lorna transferred from her marketing career, helping her to build a top-tier design firm in under a decade.

Lorna Gross

Kathleen Hay Designs

Living on and working from Nantucket means Kathleen is an expert at managing logistics to ensure stress-free projects for clients—whether local, national, or international.

Kathleen Hay

Hayslip Design Associates

Sherry’s work is international in both scope and style, and she is one of the few members to also run a retail aspect of her design business, Hayslip House, in Dallas.

Sherry Hayslip

Holst Interiors Inc.

A background in the financial services industry means Nancy has a deep understanding of how budgets and schedules interact to make or break any project’s profitability.

Nancy Holst

Robert Kaner Interior Design

His background in corporate and securities law means Robert is often DTL’s go-to for many legal issues, but he’s also very savvy about employee and client relations.

Robert Kaner

Nikki Klugh Design Group

Nikki effortlessly balances full-service remote design services and fully hands-on projects. And she's also very active and effective on social media.

Nikki Klugh

Nifelle Design

Jennifer is a second-generation interior designer, whose expansive home and gardens serve as a showplace, office, showroom, and more, giving her an interesting take on the work/life balance.

Jennifer Leonard

Sharon McCormick Design

Sharon, a CPA and, in her previous career, a CFO, understands at a granular level project profitability and how effective tracking and reporting can impact success.

Sharon McCormick

Norman Design Group

Phil has successfully created a team that effectively services clients while providing him with support needed to focus on the design and business development aspects of his firm.

Phil Norman

Kristin Peake Interiors

Kristin built her business by consistently delivering concierge-like service and committing to every detail. She exceeds client expectations at every touchpoint through effective communication and team building.

Kristin Peake

Shakoor Interiors, Inc.

A background combining textile design, arts education and high-end retail led Erin to develop an immersive design experience for her clients that is engaging, efficient, and effective.

Erin Shakoor

Sesshu Design Associates

LEED certified, Tanya is an acknowledged expert in sustainable construction and design practices.

Tanya Shively

Sroka Design, Inc.

An acclaimed designer for elite clientele, Skip has unparalleled wealth of industry acumen and knowledge—contacts, resources, and experience—that he generously shares with members.

Skip Sroka

Margery Wedderburn Interiors

Margery’s experiences in the architecture division of an international hotel chain and top-tier design firms, gives her remarkable industry insight.

Margery Wedderburn

Linda Weisberg Interiors

Linda is deeply knowledgeable about the history of design—objects, interiors, and art—and shares that insight with both her clients and DTL members.

Linda Weisberg