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Who We Are

Design Trust, Ltd. is an association of chief executive officers of leading and successful interior design firms who are committed to sharing their wisdom and knowledge in a trusting, peer-to-peer environment. The association opens up a world of close collaboration, inspiration, and valuable business insight to its members.

Why We’re Different

If we were in government they’d call us policy wonks, because we truly enjoy getting into the details of the design business. We discuss logistics, insurance, employee management, and many other not-so-glamorous aspects of the design business that are the foundations of ongoing profits.

We are open about our processes, our triumphs, and our failures, all with the goal of helping each other thrive. Our firms range in size and we work in different markets, which means each of us brings a different set of skills and experiences to the organization.

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Individually, we are all successful business owners and
collectively, we specify more than $875M per year
in design product.


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